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While the use of credit in those states is still low, through recent studies it has been proven that these regions have the lowest percentage of the population with an open credit card or a credit line with mortgage guarantee.

Since 2005, most of the nation experienced a decrease in open credit accounts, due to the recession. While the rest of the country has begun to recover, these few states continue to show low figures.

At the same time, credit health in states such as Minnesota and North Dakota has shown capacity for recovery against economic recession. The average score in these states was 709 and 697, respectively.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently completed a study on the State and availability of credit throughout the territory of the United States. These were the only states in which more than 40% of the population was considered high risk:

The picture is a photograph of the credit score of the different states that make up the Union in 2019, perhaps the most interesting is the variation of the credit scores between each state. When observing the previous picture, what is most striking is that most states are below the national average.

Additional data: In South Carolina, for example, 20% of the population had weak, difficult or declining credit situations, that is, I had a credit invoice with a delay of 60 days or more. Mississippi was in a close second place with 19% regarding the percentage of a weak or difficult credit situation.

The usual credit score of a housing buyer is 728, slightly higher than the national average.

Of the 85,369 mortgage applicants surveyed by the Federal Reserve, only 6.8% had a score below 620.

In 2010, the Bank of the US Federal Reserve. Published a report on the credit circumstances of the housing borrowers. The data disaggregated the average credit scores of the borrowers based on their minority condition. All groups, except black and African-American consumers, had reduced credit scores above 700. Asian borrowers had the highest average score of 745.

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