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Erdogan talks, between Turkey and Russia reached agreement on Idlib and ensure the protection of innocent civilians for the peace of mind that they both put their lives on the region said that they ensure the security of the Turkish military.

– After a martyr of a soldier in the Spring Shield Operation, 2 balls of the regime were destroyed, 21 regimen military was dismissed.

– Safety units were captured by 5,2 million liters of illegal fuel in Konya and Mersin operations in Mersin. The operation, the history of the Republic has taken records as the operation in which the most illegal fuel is captured at a time.

– National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar took briefing at the 2nd Army Tactical Command Place in the Hatay where the activities in the Zero point of the Syrian border in the accompanying commanders were admitted and managed in the Hatay.

Akar reported that after Briefing, the M4 highway will start in the M4 highway from 15 March within the scope of memorandums signed in Moscow.

– Şırnak and Şanlıurfa Provincial gendarmerie commands in the PKK / KCK Terrorist organization, which operates in the PKK / KCK terrorist organization, the “Cudi Botan” code opens the Kodamin, and “ROJDA SESININ” Turns to the security forces.

The two organizations of the delivery of the family were determined to be among the people of the son of Synchet in Diyarbakır. Thus, the number of families in the ongoing “son seizure” 13, 13, the number of those who surrendered by convincing this year was 51.

– Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with Turkey’s Permanent Representation to the European Union.

– In the Tel Rifat area in Syria, 13 PKK / YPG terrorists were determined to be in the preparation of the Turkish Armed Forces in the Fırat Kalkan.

– The 18 terrorists who are trying to leak into the Peace Pınarı region were in Kandil in the north of Iraq, in the air operation in the air operation in TSK and Myth coordination, has been disabled in the terrorist of 5 PKK.

– Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Ministry of Health Bilkent said in a statement then held coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting on Campus, “the virus would come to our country from probably abroad will be with return with new entries or abroad. Have been detected in Turkey, medical words, diagnosed a coronavirus has no case. ” said.

– The General Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Migration Administration reported that the two applications made by the court (Court) were processed by the Court of the European Human Rights Court (Court) for another asylum who was repaid back at the border by Greece.

– Turkish and Russian military delegations met at the Ministry of National Defense within the framework of Moscow in Moscow on 5 March 2020.

– National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, with Russia Defense Minister Sergey Gökgu Talk to the phone. In the interview, the fulfillment of the truce is permanent, the fulfillment of responsibilities arising from memorandums, and for this purpose, the stability in the region of peace and stability in the region.

– Health Minister Fahrettin husband, in his press conference at the Ministry, reported that in Turkey today evening the coronavirus suspected of having a citizen of the test results positive. The husband said that the patient was fully isolated from the outside world with the virus of Europe.

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