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In order to increase their professional knowledge, the temporary task is given to those who are sent to the course or schools that are sent to schools outside the neighborhood. Documents Required in Participation Expenses:  Assignment Scripting  Invoice Course and Document to Personnel Retired Personnel Retired for Meeting Assignment Assignment Documentation Returned on 01/07/2012 The indicator figure of 12.105, which is 12.105, which is not 375 of the KHK, which is 375. will be applied as. The amount of compensation to be paid to the retired personnel; Indicator figure x Monthly Coefficient

= TL 1.001.08. It is calculated as the stamp duty interruption (0 7.59%) is paid to the relevant by interruption. = 1.001,08 x 0.00759 = 7,60 TL net payable; = Gross amount-stamp tax = 1.001,08 – 7,60 = 993.48 TL.

The documents required for the payment of the compensation to the retired personnel  Personnel of the personnel  Social Security Authority Monthly Binding Writing

Insurgical temporary assignments are given the amount of money in foreign currencies to spend the advance; The amount of Turkish Lira denominated in foreign daily, the daily amount of foreign currency from the date of issue of the declaration proclaimed the Republic of Turkey Central Bank is calculated by multiplying the effective exchange sales. Overseas displacement costs; Officer or Service; A) Twenty Sides Overseas Day, B) Eight times the overseas daytuity for each of the family members that may receive the perpendicular dune (this amount does not exceed thirty doubles over the overseas dayturns) C) Seven per thousand percentage daytime for alone per kilometer or sea miles per thousand

On returns from foreign countries, the portion of the displacement cost is calculated and paid for someone alone from both officers or services, both of the officers or services. OVERSEAS TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT according to the foreign substance 4 of the Decree of the Council of Ministers on the everyday; abroad or continuous task to those sent on temporary duty in other countries while abroad, Turkey or in any outlet of continuous country where they task, travel and residence time of per diems for the first ten days, annexed to Decision It is calculated by increasing the amounts in the ruler. Overseas temporary assignment bed fee;

Those sent on temporary duty from Turkey to abroad, travel, and with limited to recording the first ten days of the period of residence will or overseas location fee paid for the supply of bills with certification to those, the daily calculated as an incremental daily bed fee shown on the bill of the excess exceeds the 40% to 70% also paid. However, the daily additional amount to be paid for the supply of place to bed, the attached ruler of the cases calculated as enhanced; A) It cannot be more than 70% for those found in the titles shown in I-III numbered columns, b) in IV-VII columns. 108

“With the decision of the nominely Cyprus Turkish Republic on the journeys to be held in the journeys” decided on the north Cyprus Turkish Republic of 25.03.2012 and the Official Gazette No. 28244, the decision of the North Cyprus Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Ir Sent to the Turkish Republic of the North Cyprus Turkish Republic and according to the provisions of this decision, it is paid as a place to lay at half of their daily, not exceeding the documents, to avoid daily due to daily preparation, and to be limited to ten days each time.

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